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These are some of our previous puppies. We have some more recent photos of some of them shared by their owners.

Sid now known as Rocky

Malory now known as Artemis

Giddy Up now known as Rebel
Rebel received 100% perfect score on his first natural abilities test -- way to go Bryan & Rebel!

Manny now known as Hank

Lilly now known as Molly

Green grass is great, but sunbathing on this deck is even better.

I can't wait until we can
run with the big dogs!

Sadler above with Morgan at our house.

Sadler below with his new sister Talia.

This is Tyrone--one of the
puppies from Reggie's first litter in
2004.  Doesn't he look just like his

"It's been a long day, let's head for home."

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