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Maverick and Reggie

World Championships 2007

Craig Steinbach, Trigger's Trainer (shown w/ Reggie)

Jamie Palmer

Owner/Handler of Trigger

Bernie and Foreman

Foreman took 3rd Place at the 2007 World Championships in the Top Gun Pointing Division

Reggie took 2nd Place at the 2007 World Championships in the Top Gun Pointing Division

Two of Reggie's sons
placed in the Top 5 of the
Doubles Pointing Div.
at the 2007
World Championships

2nd Place - Foreman

3rd Place - Trigger

(shown on the left)

Maverick and Reggie at the 2007 World Championships
Maverick got in on a television interview before one of
dad's runs, so that was fun for him.



Lila says, "Go Jeff Gordon"

Beautiful snowfall in Wisconsin

This is what it looks like when you buy a truck in Cheyenne on the way home
from a dog tournament in Nevada.  You have to unload all of your dogs, and all of
your gear and luggage, etc.  And then the dealership has to bring a forklift to move
your dog box into the new truck.  Good times!  Ha!  

Big Rock Von Brook
Major accomplishments at National Events:  
2005 Menz Players Championship Puppy Pointer Champion
2006 U.S. Open National Top Gun Open Division - 5th Place
THCC 2006 World Doubles Pointing Champion

Brook now lives with a wonderful family in Snohomish,
Washington and gets to hunt the beautiful rugged terrain
around Lake Chelan.  

Big Rock Von Sundown

Sundown was one of Maverick's tournament dogs.  She was so nice to hunt behind,
especially for youth because she held point naturally through the shot.  

2014 BDC Nationals Youth Pointer 4th Place (Maverick)
2014 Top Gun Youth Pointer 2nd Place (Maverick)
2014 Labor Day Challenge Amateur Pointer 3rd Place (Maverick)
2014 Kentucky Open Amateur Pointer 4th Place
2014 Trigger Time Amateur Pointer 3rd Place (Maverick)

Sunny had the best retirement life! Thank you, Emily & Chris, for loving this sweet girl so much. She sure was lucky to be a part of your family.

Sundown was laid to rest in 2022. Her family made her the most beautiful resting place down by their stream where they used to find grouse and woodcock. Rest in peace, sweet girl. You were so loved. 

2022 Cass Reynolds Memorial Tournament - This tournament was such a privilege to attend. Bernie & Patrick won, bringing home this awesome dog trailer as their first-place prize. Bernie uses this trailer almost every day now training dogs. So awesome! 

Morgan shot her first pheasants this day. Woohoo!

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