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In reality, we can only guarantee that the puppy we sell to you is in healthy condition when you
purchase it, and that the parents of the puppy are healthy dogs without genetic health problems,
and that we believe the parents are breed-worthy, which means that we believe they have good natural hunting instincts, good conformation, good dispositions, and are healthy dogs.  We can guarantee that you will be getting a puppy in healthy condition, but we have no way of predicting the future, nor controlling what you do with your dog, how you raise it, what type of physical problems may arise from environmental stress, what climate conditions it may be exposed to, what type of regional health concerns/issues may be found in your area, what type of vet care you provide for your dog, what dangers it may encounter while in your care, etc. -- these are all things we cannot control nor guarantee.  So our guarantee is as follows:

All of our German Shorthaired Pointer puppies are
100% SATISFACTION and health guaranteed
for 60 days from date of purchase.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your puppy FOR ANY REASON, you can return it to us for a full
refund of the price within 60 days of purchase.  Transportation is not included as we want serious,
committed buyers only.  In order for us to honor this type of guarantee, the dog must not have any signs of mental or physical abuse, or neglect, and must have been vaccinated appropriately.  A vaccination schedule will be provided for each puppy so you know what future vaccinations are due, and when.  If there are any health problems with the dog that require a vet office procedure and/or surgery, we need to be notified and give our approval PRIOR to the procedure/surgery being done.  If any procedures or surgeries are performed on the dog without our approval, the health guarantee is void.  All vet bills are the responsibility of the puppy owner; we are not responsible for any vet bills you may incur.  

We guarantee that the German Shorthaired Pointers we are breeding do not have any health problems. 
Both parents are healthy dogs or we would not be breeding them because we are trying to improve the
breed overall, not make it worse!!  And we don't want to see any dog suffer with health problems, so we do our best to make sure we are only breeding top quality healthy dogs from good bloodlines.  

We feel this is a FAIR and REALISTIC health and satisfaction guarantee.  

NOTE:  Be sure to do your research on other breeders who offer a one-year health guarantee that may
sound better because it is a longer guarantee, but beware because I believe that a lot of breeders will make you return your dog to them to get a replacement puppy (they typically do not give cash back, and you have to surrender your dog to them).  And in my opinion, this guarantee isn't worth much because at that point, most dog owners are way too attached to their dog and will not surrender their dog to the breeder (knowing it will probably be put down).  Our guarantee is for 60 days, and it is a full price of puppy money back guarantee (shipping not included), and it is a SATISFACTION guarantee, not just a health guarantee, because we want to make sure the puppy is working out in it's new home, that it is a good match for the owners, and that the owners are happy with it.  We give this type of guarantee to try to ensure that none of our puppies end up in shelters or in unwanted homes.  

Any legal action must take place in the county and state (Taylor County, Wisconsin) in which the seller resides.  Sorry, I know this sounds rude, but after traveling all over the country competing dogs and being a small hobby breeder for 23+ years, people still cease to amaze me, so we have had to implement a more extensive written health guarantee and sales policy to keep up with the times.    

**We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason.**

If shipping is requested, all shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer.  Shipping charges are not refundable.  We charge $350 for shipping an 8-week-old puppy into a major airport during normal cargo hours. This price includes the airline fee, crate, extra vet check, and health transport certificate.  All the puppies from a litter are to be shipped on the same day.  If you request a separate shipping day other than the scheduled day, we charge an additional $150 because we live 3 hours one-way from the airport, and it takes a whole day to go there and back to do the shipping.  If you require a smaller airport that requires a higher fee, or arrival after normal cargo hours, the airline charges more, and you would be responsible for those extra charges. SHIPPING PRICES GET HIGHER AS THE PUPPY GETS OLDER/BIGGER -- it is based on their weight and kennel size.  Started hunting dogs usually cost about $550 to ship.  Call for a shipping estimate on an older puppy or started dog. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.  

Puppy prices may vary.  We require a $275 non-refundable down payment to reserve a puppy.  **Since down payments are non-refundable, please be 100% committed to getting a puppy before you reserve one with a down payment.**

Picking order for German Shorthaired Pointer puppies will be reserved based on gender and color/markings.  For example, if you are the first to reserve a liver/white male, and if we have 3 liver/white male puppies, 2 black/white male puppies, and 2 liver/white female puppies, you would have 1st pick of the liver/white male puppies only (not 1st pick of all the puppies -- only of the gender/color/markings that you are reserving).  This allows us to identify which genders/colors are still available for sale so we can get them all spoken for in a timely manner.  You do not have to pick
your German Shorthaired Pointer puppy until 5-6 weeks of age, but you have to choose a gender/color at the time of making the down payment.  If you have any questions about this, please let me know.  It is kind of confusing, but it really helps so we can let other potential buyers know what genders/colors are still available for sale to get them all placed in a timely manner.  

German Shorthaired Pointer puppies can be picked up in person at our facility when they are 7 weeks old.  Puppies must be 8 weeks old to ship via airlines (this is a federal airline regulation).  

Our German Shorthaired Pointer puppies will have their tails docked, dew claws removed, 6-week vet check-up, 6-week puppy shot, and will have been de-wormed.  We will provide vaccination records, future vaccination requirements, and purchase paperwork at time of pick up.  If you are having your puppy shipped, the puppy's records will be sent to you via regular mail after you receive the puppy.   

Please see the "GSP Pups 4 Sale" page for current pricing information.  

Deposits and final payments should be made payable to:   

Lila Birkenholz
N7884 Sunnyside Road
Sheldon, WI  54766
(715) 668-5783

NOTE:  We do not accept credit cards or paypal, so please do not fall prey to an internet money scam by someone else claiming to be us.  We only accept cash or money orders made payable to Lila Birkenholz at the address listed above.   By doing this, we hope to protect our customers from internet fraud.  We recently had someone try to impersonate us on a puppy sale website, and they were using my name and an alias e-mail address with my full name in it!!  
**We now only have one e-mail address associated with our kennel, and it is:

If you are having your puppy shipped to you, full payment plus shipping costs must be received at least 10 days prior to shipping.  

If you are picking up your puppy in person, the balance due must be paid in cash at time of pick-up.  
Sorry no checks or money orders accepted at time of pick up due to previous bad experience with bad check/fake money order payments.  You can pay with a check or money order for the balance due if the check or money order is received at least 10 days prior to pick-up date.  Otherwise it must be cash at time of pick-up.  

If you haven't raised a puppy in a while, I would recommend reading a few puppy books to brush up on your house training and puppy obedience skills.  The first few months of raising a puppy are so important in forming good behaviors and habits and structure for your dog that will last a lifetime -- whatever you put into your puppy, you will get back 10-fold.  I urge everyone to make that extra effort for the first few months, because that will last a lifetime!  

If you have any questions about our sales policy or satisfaction/health guarantee, please let us know. Thanks for visiting our site!

Lila, Bernie, Morgan, Maverick, & Montana

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