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GSP Trained Dogs For Sale



Our sweet girl Clay will be retiring from tournaments soon, but we know she has a ton of great hunting years left to share. Clay is one of the sweetest GSPs you will meet. She is extremely affectionate, loyal, and loving. She is always happy to be along for the ride, and anyone can hunt behind her. She is a stellar bird dog AND family/house dog.


Clay is 7 years old. Some of her accomplishments are listed below. This girl has been such an awesome dog for us. We want to find her a loving retirement home where she can receive more one-on-one time and continue to do what she loves!

Please email us at or call Morgan at 715-218-4559 to inquire.

Coyote Clay

2017 Player's Championship Puppy Pointing 3rd Place
2017 BDC Top Gun Championships 3rd Place Puppy Pointer
2018 BDC Pre-Nationals Top Gun Pointer CHAMPION (Bernie)
2018 BDC National Champsionships Runner Up Puppy Pointer (Bernie)
2019 BDC Pre-Nationals Tournament 3rd Place Doubles Pointing
2020 BDC Classic Championship Top Gun Pointing Runner Up (Maverick)

2021 NUCS at Collige Kennels 2 Dog Doubles Pointing 3rd Place (Bernie & Maverick)

2022 BDC Invitational 40K Shootout Pointing 3rd Place (Maverick)

2022 BDC Pre-Nationals Top Gun Pointing Champion (Maverick)

2022 BDC National Championship Top Gun Pointing 4th Place (Maverick)

2020 BDC Classic
Championship Top Gun
Pointing Runner Up with

Clay has been living at college with Maverick and Montana the past year. All of their friends love coming over to hangout with Clay!

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